Escape and Run

This is me attempting to turn my life around by changing the direction that I am going. I have problems with motivation and focus. I have lived my life doing the things I am supposed to do the way that I have been taught to do them, and it hasn’t worked out as I had expected. So this site is me, Escaping from the preconceptions hardwired into me, Running toward a new way to make a life with my family. I have made alot of mistakes, I have made alot of bad decisions, I have driven myself crazy trying to work in the world as it is. I am going to try something new. Something scary, exciting, and maybe crazy. I am going to turn a piece of property I have into a home based business. I will make spinning wheels to make yarn, I will sell them and my wife’s craft items online and hope for the best.  I will post pictures of the clean up, the arranging of the shop and the journey towards some spinning wheels and maybe a chance at a happier more fulfilling life.


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