Day One

Posted in Beginning on May 20, 2010 by escapeandrun

today I begin the cleanup of the building so that it can be transformed into a workshop.

I open the door and see a long day ahead of me.

I begin by taking items outside and sorting them by type.

I consolidate my tools and start clearing away my work tables.

I make a shelf and start loading the trash onto the trailer.

Getting late now i have to put it back inside.


Escape and Run

Posted in Beginning on May 19, 2010 by escapeandrun

This is me attempting to turn my life around by changing the direction that I am going. I have problems with motivation and focus. I have lived my life doing the things I am supposed to do the way that I have been taught to do them, and it hasn’t worked out as I had expected. So this site is me, Escaping from the preconceptions hardwired into me, Running toward a new way to make a life with my family. I have made alot of mistakes, I have made alot of bad decisions, I have driven myself crazy trying to work in the world as it is. I am going to try something new. Something scary, exciting, and maybe crazy. I am going to turn a piece of property I have into a home based business. I will make spinning wheels to make yarn, I will sell them and my wife’s craft items online and hope for the best.  I will post pictures of the clean up, the arranging of the shop and the journey towards some spinning wheels and maybe a chance at a happier more fulfilling life.